Why Wear Shapewear for Women?

Many women who at first glance look slim, but still complain because they are not satisfied with their body shape. There are some reasons why they do not like their bodies such as a distended stomach, Sagging hips, big thighs, and buttocks down. Are there activities or workouts that can form and tighten these hard-to-manage body parts? There must be, but workouts certainly take time. If you want an instant solution, you can try wearing body shapewear. This product is designed to form a silhouette of the body to be more proportional by giving the effect of streamlining, raising, and pressing on the part you want.

Benefits of wearing shapewear

Even though they have looked slim, according to the survey, 90 percent of women have never been confident with their appearance. They need body shapewear, which can form the waist, hips, chest, thighs, and shoulders. Somehow, shapewear is not only used to help women shape their waist or hips, but there are a few other benefits that women can get from this shapewear.

Shapewear is designed with an emphasis on comfort. This can be seen from the use of fused seam technology, where the body's silhouette forming clothes are made without stitches. Lycra Beauty stretch material used feels smooth and soft, but very strong in confirming the silhouette of the body. The material does not make itchy when it sticks to the skin, so it's just like a second skin. So, you can be slim in a comfortable way.

Basically, shapewear is designed based on four principles. First, in the term of Functional, a shapewear is used as a body shaper to clarify the silhouette of the body, streamline the silhouette of the body, and increase confidence. Secondly, in term of Comfort, in which this product is created with Lycra Beauty material that is soft but strong, elastic and fit on the body. Thirdly, Fused seams technology that does not use stitches so that there are no bone traces or bones in outer clothing.  Then, in term of appearance, it is able to make women look sexy and seducing.

Shapewear itself consists of eight types of products such as skirts, Highwaist Shape Pant, Shape Dress, Girdle, Long Torso, Shape Vest, Body Suit, and Waist Nipper. All of these product variants can be adjusted according to your body shape. Available in sizes up to 82 or LL (double large), and designed for women aged 28-45 years. However, you also need to know that it is not claimed to be able to lose weight or reduce fat. It's just that if you routinely wear it, your body will automatically form itself.

How to choose shapewear size?

It is important to choose a shapewear according to your body size. Even though shapewear is made from an elastical material, you still have a chance to buy a shapewear product with a special size. Maybe, you can consider these following tips on choosing shapewear size.

Tip 1 - Find out exactly what type of body you are

Before you buy shapewear as a sexy lingerie, you should first find out your body shape type. Basically, there are five types of body shapes possessed by women, they are apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle. Read these following explanations:

  • Apple's body shape means the body has a larger shape in the waist area.
  • The body shape resembles a pear, meaning the area of the waist has a narrower size with the hips that are wide enough.
  • The hourglass or hourglass body shape is an ideal body shape, where the chest and hips are the same widths, while the waist circumference tends to be slim.
  • Body shape like a rectangle is the body which tends to be straight from top to bottom, with an invisible waistline.
  • A woman with a body resembling an inverted triangle, the shape of her body is like an inverted triangle, where the size of the shoulder is broad with the chest filled but the hips are narrow.

Tip 2 - Choose a shapewear product that matches your body shape

The next step, know the type of shapewear product that best suits your body shape. Here are some examples of shapewear types:

  • Girdles, a female corset that can lift and shape the back of the body such as the hips and buttocks, and smooth the waist, hips, and thighs. This type of shapewear is perfect for bodies which have shapes like an hourglass, apple, and pear.
  • Long torso, it aims to streamline the stomach, confirm the waistline, and smooth the body's silhouette. Shapewear is often equipped with a strap that can be removed and is perfect for the body that resembles an inverted triangle, hourglass, apple, and pear.
  • High Waist Shape Pant, this is a type of sexy lingerie that can shape and confirm the silhouette of the body from under the breast to the waist and back of the body. Women who are suitable to use this shapewear are those who have bodies such as the inverted triangle and rectangle.
  • Shape vest, useful for forming body silhouettes such as an hourglass and sharpening the cleavage and lifting the breast. It is suitable for women with a rectangle, apple, or pear-shaped bodies.
  • Waist nipper, it is a type of shapewear that can streamline the abdomen and form a silhouette of the body like an hourglass. Women with a body shaped like an hourglass, apple, and pear will be perfect for this.
  • Bodysuit aims to form a silhouette of the stomach and waist to be more beautiful, and can also form the cleavage. If you are a woman with an inverted triangle, rectangle, or apple body, then you can use this to perfect your body.
  • Shape skirt, this will really help to form the silhouette of the body at the bottom to make it more beautiful and smooth. It is very suitable for women with bodies which have shapes like pear and rectangle.

Can shapewear reshape your body or do body shapers work to lose weight?

Some women want to know if shapewear can shape their body to be truly slim forever. They are also curious whether the shapewear can lose weight. Basically, shapewear is designed to form curves while improving your blood circulation. At the same time, shapewear also makes your appearance look more feminine and attractive.

This type of women's underwear can also be used to quickly lift several parts of the body without the help of tools. However, it is important to note that body shaping using shapewear will not permanently change your body shape. It's just that the shapewear will provide temporary results to make you feel better. The point is that shapewear will tighten your body so it will look slimmer, but you are not truly slim because when you remove it from your body, your body will back to normal.

Somehow, this shapewear is a good tool to help you lose weight while you need to do regular exercise. Simply, you can do regular exercise such as a gym, jogging, Yoga, and others while you wear this shapewear when you want to hang out. Perhaps, this shapewear is able to help you lose weight despite it is not the main factor.

When to wear shapewear?

Shapewear is actually an extra cloth that you can wear at any time you want. Some women prefer to wear this shapewear when they want to join a formal meeting. So, you can wear this shapewear when you are working or when you are doing outdoor activities. Meanwhile, some of the other women prefer to wear shapewear when they want to have a date with their boyfriends. They may feel ashamed of their body look, so they want to cover the fatty body by wearing shapewear. Can you wear it when you are going to bed? Anyway, there is no restriction about the use of shapewear, even when you are sleeping. Since this shapewear is made from soft material, it is always comfortable when you are wearing it for a long period of time. Moreover, shapewear is also good when you are on a diet program in which this shapewear is able to help your body form its shape to look slimmer and more attractive. The point is that you can wear this shapewear whenever you want, whenever you are not confident to meet somebody, and whenever you want to make your body look slimmer.

How to use body shaper?

It is actually easy to use a body shaper or a shapewear product. However, you may need to know a few kinds of shapewear that are available in the market today.

  • High-Waist Bikini

It is a shapewear product in the form of pants with a waistband under the bra. Its function defines the curve of the waist and abdomen. There are construction and additional stitches on the back to lift the buttocks.

  • Short

Short shapewear is used to define areas of the stomach, hips, and thighs. It is similar to tights for sports. Waistband falls on the waistline to give a natural impression.

  • Camisole

It is a kind of shapewear that is used to streamline the appearance of the abdomen, waist and back area. Camisole straps can be adjusted to your needs.

  • Open-Bust Slip

It is a kind of underwear to enhance the appearance of the body to make it look smoother. Especially in the areas of the stomach, hips, and waist. Open-Bust Slip has openings in the chest area. Allows the user to wear the right bra.

So, how to use a body shaper or a shapewear product? Now, you know that you can pick one of those shapewear types according to its function. For example, if you want to define the hips and thigh areas, you may choose short shapewear that you can simply wear as if you are wearing a short. Basically, it can be a layer to tighten your skin because it is made from thin material, so you can cover this body shaper with a regular dress.

Wearing shapewear while sleeping

Talking about wearing shapewear while sleeping, it has some pros and cons. It is undeniable that there are a few women who successfully make their body look slimmer by wearing shapewear while sleeping. But, in some cases, you are not allowed to wear shapewear because it can cause some side effects such as:

  • Discomfort in the body

The shapewear is made of materials that can maintain its shape as the body wants to maintain its position. That is why shapewear is often recommended to help restore abnormal posture. During sleep, the body will constantly try to find a comfortable position. This is no longer free because of the shapewear usage. If forced, the body can be dislocated. In the process, the body and brain cannot rest completely because of this discomfort.

  • Shapewear Damage

A body that constantly changes position during sleep due to comfort factors can affect the condition of the shapewear itself. For a long time, the shapewear will be damaged. Of course, a damaged shapewear can no longer be used to get the benefits it deserves.

  • Affect Physical and Mental Health

Sleeping in sufficient quantity and quality has an important role in body health. A body that rests enough will be able to carry out its functions. Sleep deprivation due to discomfort caused by the use of shapewear can bring side effects such as nervous feeling and irritability to aching joints and impaired brain function.

  • It is not too important

According to experts, most cases actually do not require a person to wear a shapewear day and night, even while sleeping. In most therapies, the use of a shapewear can be limited to certain hours and from morning to day only. That means the use of shapewear at night, especially during sleep does not need to be done because you may only wear it in the daylight. Somehow, this is only an opinion because some women try to wear shapewear in order to make their body look slimmer.

Well, we can conclude that the use of shapewear while sleeping is actually not too important because it can cause some side effects. However, it is all your decision just in case you really want to look slim naturally with the help of shapewear. In fact, wearing shapewear is not enough because you also need to do some exercises for the fast result.